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Personal Touch | 4 Meaningful Gestures to Infuse your Personality into your Wedding Dress

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Your wedding day is the stuff dreams are made of, as it should be. You'll want everything to go smoothly –– but most especially, you'll want your wedding dress to look utterly perfect. Whether you have an off-the-rack dress or a customised dress from a wedding dress designer, some special gestures will help you infuse your own personality and character into your wedding dress.

Imprint a Special Symbol on your Wedding Dress Train

If you have chosen an elaborate wedding dress with a long train, you can imprint a special monogram or symbol on it to reflect your date, maiden name or the initials of a beloved family member –– perhaps your grandmother who recently went to her heavenly abode. It is an excellent way to add another layer of sentimentality to your wedding and reflects your own personal touch. Your wedding dress train will not only be unique, but it also reflects your individuality as a person.

Choose a Style that Reflects your Taste

If you like simple and elegant designs, make sure your dress reflects that –– sometimes less really is more. You don't need to have all the bells and whistles of ruffled feathers, bows, lace and gathers all put together on the same wedding dress. Don't be afraid to choose one embroidering element that reflects your personality and brings together your entire dress. Make sure your wedding dress echoes the look you've always desired on your big day.

Add your Something Borrowed onto your Dress

There's the eternal saying for every bride –– something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Infuse personalised meaning into your wedding dress by embellishing it with a gorgeous family heirloom as your something borrowed –– perhaps your mother's broach or family medal. Not only will it add style and personality to your wedding dress, but it also reflects the intimacy you share with your loved ones as you walk down the aisle to say your vows.

Let a Splash of your Favourite Colour Reflect on your Dress

You like all things pink or purple? Why not add a small dash of your favourite colour to infuse your personal touch onto your wedding dress? Perhaps a pink sash or a small hint of purple embroidered lace could do the trick to make your dress a reflection of your character.

The idea of infusing meaningful personality into your wedding dress is to make it unique and unlike any other –– use these ideas as a stepping-stone to creating your own distinctive wedding dress. 

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