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Narrowing down the search for a celebrant for your wedding vow renewal

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If you are looking to celebrate a vow renewal, a civil celebrant can help you to come up with a perfect day for you and your family to celebrate. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself in order to find the best celebrant for your day.

Why have you decided to renew your vows now?

Some people opt for a vow renewal so that they can finally celebrate their big day in style, having not had the money for a big celebration initially or a small overseas wedding that not many people could attend. Other couples elect for a vow renewal after a long period of marriage or to recommit to each other after the marriage going through a hardship such as the death of a child. As a result, some ceremonies have an upbeat ready to party vibe, some ceremonies have a quieter but close feel and others have a stoic yet positive feel. Finding a celebrant to match your underlying motivation for a vow renewal can help to make the day flow perfectly.

Who will be part of the ceremony?

If you are an older couple, or a blended family, it's common to incorporate children into the ceremony, leading to a more family focused ceremony. However, you don't need to stop there; some people love to include pets such as dogs as well. If you would like to incorporate more of the family in the ceremony, it can be worth discussing what practice your celebrant has with ceremonies involving children and animals (or whomever you are looking to include).

What role do you want your celebrant to play?

As wedding vow renewals do not have a legal component, there is a broad range of roles that a celebrant can play from reading a short speech, to MC-ing the day, to helping to design the entire ceremony. As different celebrants have different skills and comfort levels with performing different roles in a wedding vow renewal ceremony, clarifying which role you are looking for the celebrant to play can help narrow your search and find a great celebrant.

Finding a great celebrant for your wedding vow renewal ceremony can help make your day a wonderful experience for all involved. The wealth of experience that a celebrant brings to their work can make the planning of your vow renewal, as well the day itself, an enjoyable and enriching time to focus on family.