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Wedding Car Hire: 3 Tactics to Surprise Your Groom with His Dream Wedding Car

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Most brides usually have a set vision of their dream wedding—whether it is planning the cake, venue, guest list, décor and car. If you've planned most of the elements of your wedding to your desire, then you may want to give your fiancé a unique treat on your special day by choosing a wedding car he loves. Here are some wedding car hire strategies to help you surprise your groom.

Choose a Car Special that Integrates with His Personality  

You can integrate your groom's personal style into your choice to make your wedding car hire extra special. For example, if he has traditional style and loves vintage cars, you can incorporate them into your wedding. If he likes flamboyance, then you can hire classic limos for your special day. If your groom is a sporty type of person, you can hire a high-end sports car to his day extra special. Integrating your groom's personality into your wedding car hire is a great way to surprise him on your big day. You'll ideally want your groom to get a wedding car that holds special value to him, so that he and his groomsmen can be chauffer driven in style.

Pick His Favourite Colour 

If your groom is particularly fond of a colour, then it would be a nice surprise to choose a wedding car in that colour instead of traditional black and white colours. You don't have to worry too much about his favourite colour not matching your wedding theme because the car forms only a small part of your special day. Imagine the surprise on his face when a bright red, metallic blue or burnt orange car pulls up in front of him to take him to the chapel for his vows, resonating perfectly with his favourite colour choice!

Choose a Car That Accommodates All His Groomsmen

Give him an opportunity to be a bachelor one last time before the ceremony by choosing a car that can accommodate all his groomsmen. This is an excellent way for him to spend time with his good friends and family before he takes his vows. You can also include some added privileges while your groom makes his way to the chapel. For example, several wedding car hire companies offer additional perks like snacks and champagne with the car. Choose these add-ons to make his time with his mates extra special.

Use these wedding car hire tactics to surprise your groom on your special day.